Jamie Damsker

Jamie Damsker is a speaker and coach in the domains of leadership and performance. His presentations, uniquely combining humor and neuroscientific insights, deliver an entertaining and interactive talk about change, collaboration, performance, and results.
Jamie has been speaking in public settings since he was on the stage at seven years old. He combines his love of laughter and effective leadership into a keynote talk.
Jamie shares incredible insights, based upon neuroscience, that leave his audiences with powerful understandings of how our brain can be both a constraint and enabler of performance and effective change.
Leaders will see a new way of guiding their teams to significantly increase performance. Companies will experience levels of trust that alter their culture and transform results.
The duration of  his talk can vary from 30 minutes to one hour. In his dynamic keynote Jamie conveys complex issues in a comprehensive, humorous and practical way.

The High Performance Brain

In his talk, The High Performance Brain, Jamie Damsker combines humor with neuroscience and explains:

What a fantastic talk! I enjoyed it!

Very useful insights about why we do what we do!

Very inspiring! Clear examples with applicable tips and tricks.

It was a very nice and inspiring presentation. Not only from an educational point of view but also entertaining.

Powerful and spot-on!

It was interesting, fascinating and funny. Great!

So many eye-openers in one hour! Great!

I was fascinated from start to finish, beautiful presentation!

A lot of humor with great insights.

It was educational and also very entertaining.

The presentation was super fun and inspiring!

A wonderful combination of entertainment, humor and insights.

Kent McKown
Kent McKownPresident/COO, SecurIT
Lees verder
“Jamie helped extend and create possibilities in myself that I might otherwise have been blind to. He walked with me on a journey of extended self-awareness that allowed me to express and use the power within. I treasure Jamie and our relationship.”
Shirley Owens
Shirley OwensBest-selling Author, Relationship Coach
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“Each time Jamie and I speak, new possibilities open up for me. He has a way of helping to create clarity and confidence, no matter the situation. Jamie has a kind heart and a servants soul. I’ve witnessed the incredible, life changing, impact he has on others. I feel very blessed to know him.”
Jeff Owens, M.D.
Jeff Owens, M.D.Chandler Anesthesia Consultants
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“Jamie Damsker is an inspiring creator in the realm of personal and professional development. His non-judgmental approach and authentic desire to help clients live into their greatest potential, has him operating from a space of service, love and creation. He helped me see and create a richly-blessed life by focusing on how I showed up to co-workers and family members that I was incapable of being prior to my interactions with him. I will always feel tremendous gratitude for the work that Jamie and I were able to accomplish together.”
Tres C. Smith
Tres C. SmithLtCol, USMC (ret.)
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“I was introduced to Jamie Damsker during a period of great transition in my life; leaving military service after 25 years and dealing with great struggles in my personal relationships. Jamie brought a new perspective to my life. He offered a way to look at life through a different lens, one with compassion, empathy and understanding that brought clarity to the inconsistencies that I created in my own life, most notably with my children. Jamie possesses a fervor for growth in the dynamics of interaction and powerful relational experiences. My time with Jamie did not simply help me be a better father, husband, leader, it fundamentally changed the way I show up for the relationships and experiences in my life.”


Jamie Damsker is a public speaker and leadership coach. His professional life began with a distinguished career as a US Air Force military officer and aviator in fighter aircraft. Upon leaving the military, he found opportunities to make profound impacts in technology deployment and strategic consulting for clients in both the public and private sectors.

Jamie has led men and women in combat earning the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as other awards. He helped build consulting verticals into multi-million dollar businesses and facilitated international corporate acquisitions. Jamie left that behind when he came to realize his true passions are public speaking and coaching. He enjoys creating laughter and insights in public speaking engagements and, in a more intimate coaching relationship, helping clients live into their own dreams.